Wednesday, 15 July 2009

new day, new start?

heey bloggers..
it's a new day! well it's actually nearly over. it's nearly 5 in the afternoon and i feel as though i have done absolutely nothing all day long! i got up late, ate. blahh.. BORING!
so i thought i'd do something interesting, since im now on my summer holidays i have to kill 7 weeks at home, and what other thing to keep my occupied if im bored that keep an online blog. believe me, i'm much better at typing than writing, writing just makes my hand go numb. so for the next 7 weeks, you'll be hearing from me dreamer_girl7 posting possible interesting things that happen to me..
knowing the way my luck goes, there will be soo much to say, and probably all bad stuff.
i honestly would rather something happen to me than for 7 weeks be stuck on the computer drinking lemonade and be going on about my so called 'amazingly fantastic life'.
but you never know, you may not hear from me in weeks, cos i ordered the sims 3 the other day and it hopefully will be completely awesome and entertain me for a few hours a day.
i'll go on more next time about other bits, promise!
call back soon to hear more from me!

dreamer_girl7, x

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